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MSCI Inc. is a leading provider of investment decision support tools to investors globally, including asset managers, banks, hedge funds and pension funds. MSCI products and services include indexes, portfolio risk and performance analytics, and ESG data and research.
The company's flagship product offerings are: the MSCI indexes with over USD 9 trillion estimated to be benchmarked to them on a worldwide basis1; Barra multi-asset class factor models, portfolio risk and performance analytics; RiskMetrics multi-asset class market and credit risk analytics; IPD real estate information, indexes and analytics; MSCI ESG (environmental, social and governance) Research screening, analysis and ratings; and FEA valuation models and risk management software for the energy and commodities markets. MSCI is headquartered in New York, with research and commercial offices around the world.
1As of March 31, 2014, as reported on June 25, 2014, by eVestment, Lipper and Bloomberg

For further information on MSCI, please visit our web site at www.msci.com


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Ayasdi is on a mission to make the world's complex data useful by automating and accelerating insight discovery. The company's Machine Intelligence software employs Topological Data Analysis (TDA), to simplify the extraction of knowledge from even the
most complex data sets confronting organizations today. Developed by Stanford computational mathematicians, Ayasdi's approach combines machine learning algorithms, abundant compute power and topological summaries to revolutionize the process for
converting data into business impact. Ayasdi is funded by leading venture capitalists including Khosla Ventures, Institutional Venture Partners, FLOODGATE, Kleiner Perkins, Citi Ventures, Centerview Capital and Draper Nexus. The company counts many of the Fortune 500 as clients.

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CRISIL Global Research & Analytics (GR&A) is the world's largest and top-ranked provider of high-end research and analytics services. We are the world's largest provider of equity and credit research services. We are also the foremost provider of end-to-end risk and analytics services to trading and risk management functions at world's leading financial institutions and corporations. We offer corporate strategy, competitive intelligence and key account management support to corporations globally. We operate from research centers in Argentina, China, India and Poland, working with our clients across several time zones and in multiple languages. We are proud to be an organization that has the vision to proactively investing in its people and get them future-ready. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge analysis, opinions, and solutions. This is in line with our goal of ‘making markets function better'.

We have the largest teams of equity and fixed income analysts, quantitative, regulatory, risk and actuarial specialists in the world outside of banks. Our employee base comprises over 2300 people, 75% of whom hold advanced degrees in finance, accounting (CFAs), risk management (FRM etc.), quantitative techniques, pure sciences (PhDs) and management (MBAs).

1. Our support to global banks covers 85% of global trading volumes and 88% of global market capitalization, 80% of the global structured finance market and 60%+ of the global credit market, and 20% of outstanding exotic equity derivatives (350,000 trades) globally.
2. Our support enables global banks to
a. Attain leading positions in market rankings
b. Comply with regulations: CRISIL GR&A has validated 200+ valuation and risk models
c. Achieve multimillion-dollar savings in research budgets, and up to 50% improvement in process efficiencies
d. Generate 1,500 risks daily for 200 exotic trade books
e. Improve analysts' position in Institutional Investor rankings within 6 months of engagement
3. We have provided intelligence on over 11,000 global firms and insights on 70 sectors. We offer round-the-clock support across multiple time zones in Mandarin, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic.


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Numerix is the leading provider of analytics software and services for structuring, pre-trade pricing and analysis, trade capture, valuation, and risk management, with support for commodities, credit, equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, inflation, and hybrid instruments. Founded in 1996, Numerix has over 700 clients and 50 partners across more than 25 countries.
For more information please contact sales@numerix.com

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State Street

State Street Global ExchangeSM combines information and insights, investment analytics and data solutions to help zero in on the opportunities and actions that will generate the most value. We provide tools to help asset owners and managers decide their strategy and put it into action. Our research and insights challenge investment approaches, while our information, data management and analytics tools show results and help manage risk.

We're also focused on using client insights to enhance our technology. By automating processes, we provide more real-time data and offer greater risk management across portfolios. Improving our own infrastructure not only enhances security: it helps us bring powerful, scalable tools to clients faster than ever.

You need to identify those kernels of actionable insight that differentiate your offerings to those of your competitors. We'll work closely with you to help mitigate risk, manage your data and put it to work.


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Axioma is a leading provider of decision support, risk analysis and portfolio rebalancing tools. The Axioma Robust Risk Model suite features daily updates of all model components, fundamental and statistical factors and complete factor transparency. Axioma Portfolio Optimizer is the most flexible portfolio construction and rebalancing tool available, offering hundreds of constraint and objective combinations, for any investment strategy. These products, along with the new Axioma Risk Model Machine, Axioma Backtester and Axioma Portfolio-Analytics, help clients to manage risk, increase returns and improve operational efficiency. Axioma is headquartered in New York with offices in Atlanta, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco, London, Geneva and Sydney.

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Bosch Financial Software, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch, designs, develops, markets, and implements innovative software solutions and technologies for banks and insurance companies worldwide. Fields covered by the company include credit and risk management, compliance, financial spreading and stress testing as well as specific process solutions for insurance companies. Bosch Financial Software employs associates at locations in Chicago, Germany and Singapore. For information on our products and services please visit our website at www.bosch-fs.com.

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