Risk USA 2020

Risk.net's award-winning conference, Risk USA, is the eminent risk management event for North America's top tier banks, buy-side participants and industry regulators.

Risk USA 2020


Risk USA


Risk USA gathered 450+ industry front-runners from banks, pension funds, asset managers, life insurers, hedge funds, private equity, academic institutions and regulators to explore the direction of risk covering market, credit, liquidity and investment risk as well as the challenges and opportunities presented by the disruption of new technologies and new ways of working and the disintermediation of old business models.

Day one

The state of financial markets, Covid-19 lessons, credit risk, Libor transition & stress-testing

Day two

AI models and ethical algorithm, innovation & digitalization, fintech, BCM framework, operational risk

Day three

Climate risk, model risk, market risk, ESG investing, portfolio risk management, the new shape of liquidity 

Day four

Exclusive insights into response to Covid-19, macro dynamics, diversity & inclusion, building agile risk management teams

Risk management lessons from Covid - 19
Spotlight on Libor transition efforts
Vendor resiliency & third party reliance during the pandemic
Rethinking portfolio strategies in volatile markets
Etical AI in finance
Effective processes and models to manage climate risk
Innovations and regulatory development in credit risk management
Assessing cyber resilience during the pandemic
Rewriting the playbook for the business continuity management
The economic fallout of the Covid-19 and outlook for markets
The new shape of liquidity in the markets
Effective tools to measure market risk
Winners and losers in the fintech space
Managing model risk in rapidly changing markets
Spotlight on data quality and when it becomes a risk
Decoding the ESG investing
Conference Awards