Risk USA is the leader in educating the financial industry on cutting edge risk management practices, fast-changing regulations and innovative risk technologies.

Designed to provide an unprecedented experience for participants in their hundreds with practical presentations, editorially led interviews, lively panels, deep dive interactive sessions and ample networking opportunities.

Risk.net will convene the industry's front-runners in risk management to explore:

  • where are we in the credit cycle and the direction of risk in 2019
  • market, credit, liquidity, model risks and risk management for the buy side
  • risks and opportunities presented by innovative risk technologies and fintech applications

Institutions Present in 2017:

Risk USA - 2018 Attending Companies

Who Will Attend?

Risk USA - Wordmap - 1 Aug
Risk USA - 489 Dels - 1st Aug
Risk USA - Geo map - 1 Aug