Why visit?

Why visit?

Libor Summit USA offers clarity

No other event brings such objectivity on industry thinking about the transition from Libor to new risk-free rates.

Libor underpins $300 trillion of bonds, loans & derivatives and has been the benchmark used to determine interest rates on everything from student loans, mortgages to derivatives and credit cards  Will it really cease to exist in 2021? What does the future of the industry look like post-Libor? 


Learn from the pioneers paving the way for an alternative RFR exploring

  • Key risks to consider as we approach end-2021
  • Divergence in transition paths across markets and jurisdictions
  • Dangers for corporate and asset managers in the transition
  • Operational readiness
  • Dawn of Alternative Reference Rates
  • Contract negotiations
  • Legacy contracts
  • Implementing new Libor fallback provisions
  • The trader’s view of volumes, products and trends
  • Libor to SOFR

Benefits of visiting

This Libor Summit will address how global firms are dealing with the implications of the transition to risk free rates on cash products, the treasury, the operations functions and the derivatives market.

Hear practical examples and case studies from leading firms, market makers and regulators and have all your questions answered.


The RFR revolution

Regulators in the UK and US are pressing market participants to abandon the Libor family of benchmarks, and switch to new risk-free rates. In Europe, the plan is to rehabilitate the old rates. It’s not yet clear whether either ambition is viable. The only thing that can be said confidently is that the project will inject a huge amount of risk into some of the world’s biggest financial markets.